Next Generation Security

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Zar Technology solutions are based on technology and NG-FW, that are integrated hardware and software devices able to protect the infrastructure from attacks and threats, analyzing in real-time the contents and behavior of the network, without affecting the performance of the network regardless of the access type or the device used.


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Zar Technology creates networks designed to guarantee an omni-site access by all types of users, including those that increasingly use their personal devices BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), ensuring a "secure access" thanks to the new network-security technologies and a substantial equivalence of the performances intended as response times of the applications that must be usable in all connection modes such as wired, wireless, 3G/SSL, etc.
The networks are made by Zar Technology using the latest generation of systems (fixed port, wireless, modular chassis) able to provide customers with standard LAN connectivity up to 10/40GbE.

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

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Zar Technology offers to the Customer the accurate analysis of its information systems, suggesting the most appropriate global solution and implementing it completely according to the parameters chosen by the Customer. They may include the supply of all necessary hardware and software elements, the rental formula for dedicated resources in your own Server Farm or through the supply of the "AS-A-SERVICE" solution entirely managed by Zar Technology.

VDI + Application Delivery

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Zar Technology offers virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions with important IT advantages:
  • higher security level

  • centralized management of desktops

  • significantly lower costs for workstations management

DataCenter Transformation

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Data Center Transformation & Consolidation is a process that aims to reach the most efficient use of resources in order to improve the functionality and overall performance of the infrastructure supporting the business.
All this determines tangible benefits in various areas such as:
  • Centralized and consistent management

  • Complete exploitation of physical resources

  • Faster deployment through the use of "templates" (from which you can develop new instances without having to repeat the complete installation every time)

  • Faster and more efficient backup and disaster recovery

  • Efficient use of centralized storage whether it is a Storage Are Network system (SAN) or a SW-defined storage

  • Less physical space occupation in the data center through high-density solutions and reduced energy consumption

Cloud Integration

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The task of the Cloud Integrator is to accompany the customer in the creation of a new functional infrastructure that can use the availability of the new virtual resources ensuring the correct interoperability between all the infrastructural components, including those already existing.

Next-Generation DataCenter

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Zar Technology offers solutions based on the design and implementation of the physical, virtual and SW-defined Data Center infrastructure.

Hyper-converged Packaging Solutions

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Servers, storage and installation software are combined into a single intelligent device (appliance) that manages all resources.
The appliance is a preconfigured set of Hardware (x86) and Software in a single chassis that minimizes compatibility issues between different components and simplifies infrastructure management.


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