Maintenance on-site 24x7x365

icona maintenanceZar Technology plays the role of the Third party Maintenance for Multibrand HW, Datacenter and peripherals.
It provides effective maintenance services on customer systems (servers, storage, network equipment, PCs, printers, etc.), and technical and systemic support services.
Guarantee of certificated SLA up to 6HCTR (repair within six solar hours after the call opening).

Cloud Services based on Virtual Data Center

icona cloud services
Zar Technology, as HPE Cloud 28+ Partner, offers Cloud services based on the most advanced virtualization solutions.
Thanks to these solutions, it is possible to manage complex and diversified environments as if they were a single system, with great advantages in terms of simplicity, scalability and security.
The Virtual Data Center allows the Customer to set up his own 'Virtual Data Center' within the Zar Technology Cloud, where he can manage with extreme flexibility all the components of his IT architecture, completely Sw-defined.

DataCenter Tier 4 Colocation

icona data center

Operating System and Hypervisor support

icona operating system
Zar Technology offers second level system support services.

Pay per copy

icona printingZar Technology's Pay per copy services are integrated with installation, maintenance and support solutions for major brands.


icona roll outIntegration or replacement of workstations with the typical installation activities, networking, disks image and Help Desk support, the classic IMAC scenario (Install, Move, Add and Change).

Smartworking & Collaboration

icona smartworkingSmartworking allows to optimize both company times and productivity. The ZAR team offers solutions for the integration of multimedia rooms and for the cooperation between offices, rooms and users distributed in different places.


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