About Zar Technology

During the years the ICT Infrastructure has evolved to a point that it requires the coexistence of high physical heteregeneous environments, virtual and in Cloud.
We need accurate design skills, integration between the different environments and a continuous series of system-based activities, which guarantee on the one hand the updating of the equipment, operating systems and hypervisors and on the other the optimization, security (of systems, network and data) and adaptability.
Zar Technology plays the role of a System & Cloud Integrator able to understand the Client's needs and provide them with high-value solutions for the companies.
Zar Technology is able to follow the Client for all his necessities: management, maintenance and evolution of the platform whether it is traditional or virtual, Hyperconvergent or in Cloud. Zar Technology positions itself on the market as the ideal Partner for the Client able to help in the selection and implementation of the best solutions.


Registered Office
  • Strada Rizza, 1212 | 27100 - Pavia (PV)
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  • Il Girasole, Pal. 8/03A
  • 20084 - Lacchiarella (MI)
  • +39 02 9009 2830
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